About Miami Valley Community Concert Association

Centerville Performing Arts Center exterior and interior

Concert Venue:

Centerville Performing Arts Center (Centerville High School)
500 East Franklin St., Centerville, OH 45459

Please let us know if you would like to help MVCCA further its mission.

Executive Committee

Pam Brown
Phyllis Mayne
Gwen Brubaker


Pam Brown
Gwen Brubaker
Membership Chair
Sandy Schwartzwalder
Phyllis Mayne
Technology Chair
Bob Ransbottom
Publicity Chair
Mary Fran Ransbottom
Concert/Program Chair
Phyllis Reed
Donald G. Schweller
Hospitality Chair
Mel Wheeler
Additional Trustees:
John Benjamin
Jack Culp
Brett Greenwood
Darrell Izor
Marilyn Kemper
John Keyes
Jim Lehman
Tom Rutherford
Charles Stuart
George Vawter, Emeritus
Helen Vawter, Emeritus

The Miami Valley Community Concert Association was incorporated in the spring of 1991. Along with close to 400 Community Concert Association affiliates around the country, MVCCA shares the common goal of presenting live performances by professional artists to the local community at affordable prices.

An entirely volunteer organization, all income obtained through ticket sales, program advertising, and donations is used solely to present four high quality live performances a year at the Centerville Performing Arts Center, 500 Franklin St. in Centerville.

The Community Concert Association idea was born in the 1920s. It was a time of turmoil when little funding for the arts was available. In two areas of the U.S, the Great Lakes region and in several eastern states, a humble experiment was started that grew into an organized audience plan and ultimately into the Community Concert Association concept. The Community Concert Association remains one of the largest, most enduring networks of performing arts presenters.

Instead of struggling to make up deficits after presenting a concert, money was raised first, and then the artists were hired. It was a successful concept. People were willing to buy tickets for a modest sum for a season of three or four concerts. Even though many times they didn't know in advance what the concerts were going to be. Families and individuals who had rarely, if ever, been able to attend a single concert could now experience a whole season of various types of concerts at an affordable price.

Community Concert Associations flourished in the 1930s in spite of the Depression. At the time of the stock market crash in 1929, there were 42 associations in America. By 1940 there were 335. It seems that the arts have a way of helping people endure hard times.

Fortunately, Community Concert Associations remain a vital force in the arts world today.

Past Presidents

Bob Ransbottom
Phyllis Reed
Carol Heine
Jerry Streithorst
Darris Forgy
Jean Forgy
William Foster
Carol Walters
Charlotte Gray